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Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney when you move home can be a daunting task. Moving home can be a stressful time. But who will be the best choice for you?. Here are ten steps to choosing your Solicitor for Conveyancing.

1. Talk to friends and family who have been moved home recently or in the past. Who did they use? would they recommend their Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney to you?

2. Don’t be pressured by your Real Estate Agent into using their preferred lawyers. Many estate agents are given insentives and in some cases disciplined if they do not gain a Conveyancing Instruction when they take a property onto the market for sale.

3. Do the research. Google, MSN and Yahoo are your friends. Type into Google “Conveyancing Solicitors in Sydney” for example as a starting point in your area. Some Solicitors who specialise in Conveyancing have a vast amount of information already for free to guide you through the home buying process.

4. Choosing a local Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney will know much much more about your area than a “national” Conveyancing firm. Eg a local solicitor should know about planned developments in their area, which have not yet been the subject of a formal planning application.

5. Price should be a factor, but should not be your sole reason for choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney. Be wise spend peanuts get monkeys philosophy applies here. Poor customer service, lack of communication are some factors that you will find with cheap services.

6. Communication is of upmost importance. How and by what means do you wish your Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney to contact you. This should be established before you instruct your Conveyancing Lawyer. If you want to hear once a week or every other day this should be demanded. At the very least can they guarantee that all your telephone calls will be returned by the end of the day.

7. You should ask for a full itemised account of all the costs involved with a guarantee of no hidden extras. The biggest source of complaint against solicitors in general is in the nasty final bill shock with legal fees which were not anticipated or expected. Your Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney may not have all the information about your matter at the beginning of a transaction, but must be able to at least give you a fixed price guarantee for any matter which might occur.

8. Can your Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney provide you with testimonials? These will be either on their website or available in Google Local.

9. If your Conveyancing Solicitor in Sydney says they value your call when you ring yet do not have a receptionist and are put on hold. Avoid them like the plague

10. Do i feel comfortable with the Legal firm? How was I treated when I first contacted them? Courtesy and honesty are rarer than you might think. If you like your lawyers and they are nice people, your communications are likely to go very smoothly.

Steven Scott has been a solicitor in Sydney for the past 26 years and is the Managing Partner for Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors Liverpool.