Are you in the process of divorcing or separating from your partner? Whether there are children in the equation or not, and whether you view the divorce or separation as ‘amicable,’ it is always good to sit down with family law solicitors in Liverpool to have a conversation. Separation and divorce proceedings are complicated, to begin with, and often become even more intricate thanks to the emotions of the involved parties.

Indeed, it is virtually impossible to have a divorce proceeding that isn’t impacted in some way by the subjective emotions of the spouses. Because of this impossibility, it is vital to sit down with an objective third party, either on your own or with your partner for advice and guidance. At Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors, we can provide the family law advice in Liverpool that you need at this difficult time.

Why Seeking Legal Advice Matters

In an ‘amicable’ divorce or separations (ex-)partners sometimes assume they can handle everything privately, without getting lawyers involved. The same impulse sometimes occurs in situations where child custody is in question. Ex-spouses who are on relatively good terms may think that they don’t need to go to court to hammer out a custody agreement. Instead, they might agree together, without having to deal with the hassle, expense and emotional strife that going to court involves.

Even in this kind of scenario, it is smart to seek out the best family law solicitors in Liverpool that you can find to get advice, guidance, and assistance. When people get married, their lives become entwined. Disentangling those connections at the end of a marriage is a significant challenge, and not just emotionally. Depending on your situation, you and your partner may share kids, real estate or other property, expenses, and debts and more. In a separation, it is imperative that you outline where each person’s responsibilities for these things lie. Otherwise, you could end up saddled with debts that aren’t yours, without property you deserve or without a custody agreement that seems fair to you.

Don’t use the word ‘amicable’ as an excuse not to seek the help of a family law solicitor in Liverpool. Handshake agreements often don’t hold up in divorces or separations. Without a binding legal agreement, your ex-spouse has no real responsibility to follow through on his or her end of the bargain. As such, it is always best to divvy up assets, obligations, finances, debts, child custody and other matters with the help of a lawyer. Even if your marriage ended on relatively good terms, the binding nature of the agreements you hammer out with your spouse and your lawyers would hold much more weight than a handshake.

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