Contracts are legally binding agreements which establish the rights and duties of parties to an agreement.  They require certain elements for formation  being Offer, Agreement and Consideration, that is something of value in which the contract concerns.  Contracts are entered into for many reasons such as employment, suppliers, distributors, rent/lease, purchase of assets, licensing and franchise agreements.  We have the expertise to review and draft relevant contracts whilst providing thorough legal advice in this regard.

Consultation with an experienced lawyer can assist you in ensuring that you draft a contract which is complete, thorough and accurately states the rights, duties and obligations of each party.

In business agreements and contracts there is a presumption that there is equal bargaining power between the parties and that both have the ability to reach a legal agreement.  You will probably need legal advice regarding the actual terms of the agreement, the parties, performance and breach, termination, frustration or contract dispute resolution and solutions available.  Due to the complexity and sophistication required in managing different contracts to achieve specific resolutions, it is advisable to retain an experienced  Solicitor who will be able to to assess your information and advise you of the most appropriate measures and considerations.