sydney-law-courtsBlunden & Montgomery was acquired by experienced Sydney solicitor Steven Mark Scott on 18 May 2003.  Steven then proceeded to upgrade the level of service and the range of legal services provided.  Blunden & Montgomery has provided dedicated professional services for more than 84 years in the Sydney and Liverpool precincts.  As a law firm with a long proud history we recognise that it’s important to not only service  our clients but to strongly support them at all times especially when advice and help are needed.

At Blunden & Montgomery we have a reputation for providing effective and timely legal results.  We operate as an integrated team using proven expertise to best fulfil our clients’ needs.  We continue our growth and development as a service-forward firm with dedicated service to clients supported by a modern innovative approach.


Blunden & Montgomery was originally founded by Horace Teakle Solicitor in November 1930.
In May 1965 the firm was renamed Blunden & Co and later changed to H.A. Teakle & Blunden.
In 1981 H.A. Teakle & Blunden changed its trading name to Blunden & Montgomery.