The passing of a loved one is a challenging time before one even begins to factor in the many sudden responsibilities thrust upon the remaining family. During the difficult time that follows, one of the many challenges could involve carrying out the wishes laid out in the deceased’s will. Especially with larger estates, the distribution of property, possessions, and cash can be a complicated process. Claims made by creditors or a challenge to the will’s validity can add further layers of complexity. To understand the best way to respond to these developments, it is important to consult someone well-versed in the law of wills and probate in Liverpool.

If a loved one of yours recently passed away and left behind a will, speaking to a probate lawyer in Liverpool early on can help to streamline the legal process. Even if the will seems straightforward and unambiguous in its terms, a lawyer can help to ensure a quick resolution of the estate and minimise possible delays. Where ambiguity does exist, your counsel can help to chart a way forward. At Blunden and Montgomery, we proudly offer a very robust probate service to Liverpool. We understand this is a stressful time. It is our job to take away the burden of working through the probate process and develop the best solutions.

Work closely with a probate lawyer in Liverpool

After submission to a probate court, wills must complete their journey before the final distribution of assets from the estate can occur. Naturally, there is a desire among many surviving family members for the process to reach a quick resolution. For large estates or those that contain significant assets, however, there may be complications. If the deceased was in debt, those debts often require settlement using funds from the estate. In some cases, older wills feature language that is not easy to decipher.

In these situations, an efficient probate service can ensure your rights remain protected and that you can carry out the wishes of the deceased as stated in their will. You may also need advice on other, related matters. For example, if the will designates that assets will pass to a minor child, you may wish to set them up in trust. A solicitor can highlight valuable information and lay out options for moving ahead.

Navigate these legal processes with experienced ease

When you need assistance in understanding the mechanics of probate for an estate in Liverpool, Blunden and Montgomery opens its doors to you. We provide completely free 20-minute initial consultations. We encourage you to bring us your questions and concerns to find out what level of aid you may need and what pathways exist for your loved one’s estate.

Are you currently in the process of writing a new will? We can use our extensive experience to help craft thorough, clear wills while also helping you to make other preparations, such as setting up a family trust. To request your consultation today, reach us by phone at (02) 9602 1311.