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Are You Transferring Property?

Transferring property from one owner to another might seem like a simple concept, but the process through which it is accomplished is often anything but. If you have never been on either side of a property title transfer before, it’s likely that you may be caught unawares by the sheer number of tasks you must complete before the transfer can be said to have legally taken place. Many contracts and other documents must be prepared and filled out in any transfer of title deeds, and many people can find these duties overwhelming if they do not have professional help. Hiring a qualified solicitor to take care of these responsibilities on your behalf can allow you to achieve the transfer faster than you might otherwise be able to, and can prevent you from becoming frustrated by unforeseen difficulties along the way.

Why Hire a Solicitor to Help You with Your Property Title Transfer

When you hire a solicitor to assist you with a house title transfer, they will take care of the following tasks so that you can trust that they have been appropriately completed:

  • Preparing the deed for transfer. Preparing a deed can be a complex and involved procedure with several different steps involved. Typically, deed preparation involves identifying the grantee and the grantor, providing a detailed description of the property, including words of conveyance, and signing the document correctly. All this must be done in a specific way for the deed to be correctly prepared and for the subsequent transfer of property to be considered legal.
  • ‘Executing the deed. The deed must be acknowledged, delivered, accepted, and recorded. Professional help can ensure that these tasks are taken care of promptly and without any mistakes.
  • Filing and recording the deed, along with payments of any required fees. While these steps may sound simple, the methodology involved can be taxing for many people and is often best left to someone with professional experience in such matters.

Choose Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors

When you are looking for a solicitor to assist you with the transfer of title deeds, make sure to choose one with members that will give your case the individual attention that it deserves. A well-established business with a long history of providing detailed service can help you by making sure the details of your case are never glossed over and that all necessary documents are maintained from start to finish. Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors can help by providing the same excellent service we’ve become known for over the last 85 years. Our caring and compassionate staff will always work hard to make sure that your transfer is completed with as few difficulties as possible so that you can move on with your life. Contact us at your earliest possible opportunity to learn more about the services we can provide, or speak with a member of our team and have your questions answered promptly and professionally.