Important Estate Planning Documents To Prepare For Death Or Incapacity

Estate planning entails more than just writing a carefully planned will. Thorough planning entails keeping track of all your assets and guaranteeing that they are transferred as quickly and efficiently as possible to the individuals or organizations you want to receive them. Implementing your strategy is a necessity, but you need also get everyone on board with it and know what you intend.


“Estate planning isn’t only for the rich; everyone may benefit from making sure their possessions and money are dealt with appropriately if they die or get incapacitated.” says senior accountant Max Liane of Accountants Brisbane.


Have no idea where to begin? Check off every document you need to prepare on this list, and cover your bases.

Wills And Trusts

A will or a trust may seem complex or costly, as though they are only available to the wealthy—a mistaken assumption. Even though you don’t have a lot of money, a will or trust is an essential part of your estate planning. Carefully planned and written will guarantee that you disperse your assets and properties as you desired. Also,  trusts can help you avoid paying estate taxes or dealing with legal issues. Holding a will or a trust, though, would not be enough. The document’s language is essential. Thus working with professionals that do it best is the ideal way to go.


Power Of Attorney For Financial Matters

Using a financial Power of Attorney, you may choose a trusted individual to take action on your account in monetary issues.


If you don’t have a power of attorney, a court will have to make the final call on your wealth. Most of the time, the court’s ruling may not always be in your favour.

Beneficiary Designations

Many of your assets, properties, or investments may transfer to your beneficiaries without a will. That’s why it’s critical to name a beneficiary and a backup beneficiary — about such an arrangement. Insurance policies should include beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries since they may die away without being named in a will.


A court may determine the outcome of your money if you don’t designate any beneficiaries or if the beneficiaries are dead or incapable of serving. It’s also worth noting that a judge who doesn’t know about your circumstances, views, or intentions isn’t capable of making the same judgment you would.

Intent Letter

You may provide your beneficiary or executor with a letter of intent. The goal is to specify what you wish to happen to a specific asset when you die or become incapacitated. Sometimes letters of intent may include information about burial arrangements or other particular wishes.


Though such a letter may not be legal, it helps in informing a probate court of your objectives and may aid in the transfer of your properties or assets if your will is found to be defective for whatever reason.

Designations For Guardianship

This provision is included in many wills and trusts, although it is not in all of them. If you have young children or are thinking about having children, choosing a guardian is crucial and sometimes neglected. Ensure that the person or guardian you select matches your values, is financially stable, and is genuinely interested in looking after your children.


In the absence of these designations, the court may order that your children reside with a close relative you did not choose. In severe circumstances, the court may request that the children be declared state wards.

Peace Of Mind Estate Planning With Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors

Whatever happens in the case of death and incapacity should be included in a complete estate plan. Estate planning entails more than just choosing how to divide your possessions when you pass away.


Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors offers estate planning advice and services. You will get the opportunity to speak with an expert lawyer familiar with the problems and the applicable legislation.


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