After separation

Most people will at some stage need to unravel the property and finances. Property and financial settlements can be difficult and can advise addressing these issues as early as possible.

There are the common issues such as what should happen with the family home, the bank accounts and the superannuation. You may also need to consider how to approach investments, various structures such as trusts and companies and even what the effect of, or impact on, of third parties may be. No matter what your issues are, you should seek advice from our expert family law team. Every case is different and there is no universal answer to every case. Our clients are often surprised by issues they had never considered such as tax consequences of different approaches, and the practical impact of certain actions. Often short-term arrangements can have long-term consequences.

We will assess what steps need to be taken, advise you what your likely entitlement is, and will help you reach the best possible outcome. We can assist in complex financial cases. We will always provide you with realistic advice. We often discuss a cost/benefit analysis with our clients which means that we direct you to considering how much a particular course of action may cost in comparison with the benefit that may be obtained. We know that emotion often dictates a lot of decisions, but we take our role as objective advisors very importantly. By working as a team with you, we can help you finalise your case as quickly as possible while making sure that you are able to secure your financial future as best as you can.