Notary Services vs Justice of the Peace Services

Often, people use the terms notary public and Justice of the Peace almost interchangeably. While these two types of persons do similar things, though, they are not identical. In particular, there are situations in which you would want to find a notary in Liverpool where going to a Justice of the Peace would not suffice. Understanding these differences will help you seek legal services that are in line with the needs of your situation.

Notaries Public and Justices of the Peace: The Similarities and Differences

At Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors, we offer notary services in Liverpool. We have the distinction of being one of the few notaries public in the Sydney area. We are not a Justice of the Peace. The question many of our clients ask is ‘What’s the difference?’

Before we answer that question, let’s look at some of the similarities between a notary public and a Justice of the Peace. Why are these two types of services confused in the first place?

Both notaries public and JPs (a common abbreviation for Justices of the Peace) are primarily concerned with authentication and certification of documents. Both public notaries and JPs can verify the identities and signatures of a person during the preparation of official or legal documents. They can witness oaths and affidavits, take statutory declarations, certify true copies of an original document and more.

The core difference between a notary public and a Justice of the Peace is that a notary public has the authorization to prepare, witness or certify documents for use both in Australia and overseas. A JP, in contrast, can only certify documents for use in Australia.

When to Find a Notary in Liverpool

When do you need a notary in Liverpool? Without a doubt, you will need a notary public if you are preparing a document that will hold legal sway in a foreign country. Such documents can include anything from oaths and affidavits to property deeds to business contracts to wills and powers of attorney and beyond. The witness and certification powers of a Justice of the Peace only hold weight domestically. If your documents are crossing seas or national boundary lines, you need to find a notary in Liverpool.

Even if you just need help preparing and certifying documents for use in Australia, though, a notary in Liverpool can still help you. A notary public is essentially a JP with the added authorization to certify international documents. So even if you are preparing a will or power of attorney for execution locally, you can use a notary instead of seeking out a Justice of the Peace. That way, you have a connection with someone who can help you with international documents, if you ever find that such a service is needed.

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