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Civil Legal Advice

For millennia, some form of formal legal system has existed in many places around the world. The right to bring your grievances against another individual before a court is a right that has long been recognised. Today, our modern courts are far removed from those ancient judges in both time and function, but the purpose remains the same. Disputes between individuals will always occur, whether they occur over an alleged breach of contract or due to an injury caused by an accident. When you find yourself facing civil action, however, you are not likely to appreciate the grand history of resolving legal disputes. Instead, you may feel anxious, uncomfortable, and concerned about the future.

When you need civil legal advice in Liverpool, few things can help lighten your burden like the assistance of an experienced lawyer. At Blunden and Montgomery, we bring to bear a legacy of quality legal representation and advice that stretches back more than eight decades. If you are the target of some form of civil action or you feel that a lawsuit is your only recourse in a personal or business dispute, we can help. With a long track record of satisfied clients in Liverpool, our civil and family court experience is a reliable tool.

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The average person may not expect to find themselves involved in a legal dispute, but many common problems can create that situation. For example, consider a case in which an unfortunate fire destroys your property. You file a valid claim with your insurance company, but they refuse to pay out an appropriate amount to cover the damages. You believe you are in the right, but arguing with your insurer goes nowhere. A civil lawyer can represent you in court and explore how the law provides remedies for you.

In another example, property lines might come into dispute. Tracking the changes to land boundaries over time and determining which family has the legal right of ownership can be a challenge. Your lawyer can research the issue, determine whether you have a valid complaint, and argue before a court on your behalf if necessary. While these are just two of the more common civil situations you may encounter, we are capable of managing a wide range of cases, including family law.

Vivil legal advice in Liverpool

Good representation during a civil suit can make all the difference. While you may not always be able to spot the issues with an argument, an accomplished solicitor can dissect the problem at hand and uncover the right way to respond. For assistance in Liverpool with civil law matters, Blunden and Montgomery represents an established choice with a proven, visible track record of quality results. We place a strong emphasis on creating an outstanding atmosphere for clients through attentive and supportive counsel. To request your free consultation or to discuss representation on a matter before the family court, please call our offices on (02) 9602 1311.