Experience Solicitors

When it comes to hiring a notary public—particularly for the witnessing of documents that either come from another country or are meant for use overseas, it is vital to find someone who you can trust. If you need to find a notary public in Liverpool and want to establish a long-term relationship, look no further than Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors.

Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors is a business whose history intertwines with the history of the Liverpool community. First established in 1934, we have been serving the area for 83 years. We have not even moved locations in many years, meaning that most of the relationships we have with local clients date back decades. Our firm has also been working with some families for several decades.

Meeting Your Notary Public Needs for Decades

In addition to being a local notary public in Liverpool, Blunden & Montgomery also offers a variety of other legal services. From conveyancing to matters of family law, we can handle an extensive selection of legal matters and have been doing so for decades now.

Our longevity is our most significant asset at Blunden & Montgomery. There are very few law firms or notaries public in New South Wales that have been at it for longer than we have. We like to think that our longevity is a sign that we are thorough, helpful, and successful in the work we do. Whether you need help with a civil litigation case or merely need someone to witness your signature on an important legal document, we will bring our years of experience and insight to your case.

If a notary public in Liverpool NSW is what you are after, feel free to look us up at the national level. Our firm is recorded in a database held by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This database gives us statutory authority to witness papers, administer oaths and perform other comprehensive and useful administrative functions—both on the national and international level.

Perhaps you are preparing a will and want to make sure that it carries legal weight in Australia. We can prepare and certify the document, to make sure that it is legally valid. Alternatively, maybe you have a business that operates internationally, and you want to give a person on the ground in that country the power to make decisions on your behalf. We can help you prepare and verify power of attorney documents for use overseas.

In addition to wills, powers of attorney and oaths, we can also help you prepare and certify property deeds, contracts, certified copies, affidavits, statutory declarations and more.

Local Notary Public in Liverpool

If you need to find a notary public in Liverpool to certify a document, start by giving us a call at Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors. Even if you are not sure whether the document in question needs to be notarised, we are happy to advise you and provide the assistance you require.

To schedule an appointment with at our notary public office in Liverpool NSW, dial (02) 9602 1311 today.