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Statistics suggest that at least 45 percent of Australian citizens do not have a valid will. There could be any number of reasons for this oversight. Many people assume they don’t have enough assets to make a will yet. Others say they will make a will when they start their family, but never get around to it. Whatever the reason, not having a proper will is risky. Without a will, you have no say in how your assets will be distributed when you pass away. As such, sitting down with probate solicitors in Liverpool to plan your will is one of the best things you can do to protect the future of your family and your legacy in general.

Creating a will isn’t just about dictating where certain assets will go when you die. It’s also about preparing your will for Wills Probate, a process where the court will determine the validity of your will, pay off your debts and expenses, gather your assets and distribute them according to your wishes. This process can be time-consuming and complex, as well as emotionally trying for your family.

The Wills Probate process is a necessary evil of will administration. Fortunately, you can make life easier for your family members by making sure your will has been prepared in accordance to all Wills Probate laws. Consulting with a team of probate solicitors will help guarantee the legal clarity and validity of your will, thereby simplifying the Wills Probate process.

If you are looking for probate solicitors in Liverpool, look no further that Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors. Our firm has been in business for 84 years and has a long history of assisting clients with matters of estate planning. Call us today to schedule a consultation.